Error in the Blogger Blog Sidebar


Veiw hours back I noticed an error on my blogs- Blogging Easier. The sidebar widgets are not appearing properly on the homepage but are appearing correctly on other pages.

Sidebar widgets appear at the end of post area rather than appearing in the sidebar, on the homepage. But there is not such error when you open any other page on the blog like sitemap or any post. Please help. Hope you’ll find out the solution as earlier as possible.


@NamanKumar It may be happen because of the (Number Of Post in Home Page) , Or the last post which you made have some mistakes . Take a look to your last post , Some times you may be saved the last post in HTML Mode , Edit the post in Compose Mode and Save the post . I am having the same problem because of the above problem .

Remember : Edit the last post which you created , Save the last post in Compose Mode , Again Compose Mode

I hope this worked for you , If you don’t . Replay me . :+1:


No it didn’t help me. I teried what you say but nothing happened.


@NamanKumar Did you edited the template ?


No, I didn’t edit the blog template but edited the Post Template in setting section. Then reverted it back to blank but the error continues. Now I worked on my post and renoced Blogging Easier link for bottom and found that the sidebar widgets are appearing correctly but page navigation system is not working. Please help


Thank you God. Problem Solved. Thank @MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC


@NamanKumar What made the problem solved ?


Actually, when you’ll read the installation steps of blogger shortcodes by MBT. You’ll find the following code to be put under the head tag.


Instead of

< script src=‘’ type=‘text/javascript’>

advanced/later version of the above the above script was already included in my blog i.e.

< script src=‘’ type=‘text/javascript’/>

was already included in my blog. Therefore the problem arise. Sorry for disturbing everybody here. Again Thanks Muhsin