Error in administration area layout of blogger


I need to fix this, can anyone help?

I think it’s something simple for you probloggers but I have no idea! Whenever I am testing some tools happens this error and I can never get! :angry:


Bro This Is A Blogger Problem And Every One Is Facing This Problem So Don’t Worry About It :smile: BTW It may be a new update given to blogger by blogger team so in this case you can contact blogger by using feedback button on bottom left. :smile:


NO nitishk! when ever we build a custom template we have to organize body layout also. ex make the sidebar float left or change the color of bg etc.

And for navbar hide it because you are not making a section so it will appear in a bullet list form in the layout tab.


BRO But it is also happening in the blog which is not having custom template ! :sunny:


Are you talking about his template? then he has definitely modified the blogger default template. This usually happens when we edit some css


No! I am talking about my blog. BTW are you having same problem in your blog ? :smile:


you have a custom template right? sevida?


Yep! You Got It :smiley: BTW Please Tell Me are you having same problem in any of your blog ?


Yes When I designed it I had but I solved it using some css I am showing a infographic here wait :wink:



Here I have further explained it how to properly edit this layout option in my post. I am just helping not promoting :wink:

How to edit your blogger blog’s Layout in Layout Tab.