Email Account settings in blogger


Assalam-O-Alaikum! I have to configure email account settings in my blogger, I want this for two purposes. 1- For my contact page, when user will write some feedback and click on ‘Send’ button then I should receive that message on that email account. 2- Readers simply enter their email address and then click on “Subscribe”. They then receive an email notifying when new posts or information have been added to the blog. I don’t know how to do this? like would it be done from cPanel or from Feedburner? I’m using blogger as platform and custom domain with a free template. Thank you so mucccchh in advance

@Mohammad bhai I got my head twisted because whenever I ask any issues related to my template or blogger everyone suggest me to switch to WordPress it’s kinda hell, I do not wanna switch from blogger to wordPress I want to make a good experience and earning from blogger first.Please Suggest!


So do you want to make two widgets - one contact and other subscribe box ?

If yes then there are lots of tutorials available on the net , you can search it.

By default blogger provides both widgets i.e contact form and subscribe box , so you can easily do the task what you want. :slightly_smiling: