Effects of disabling right click option on your site


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As we know we can Disable right click option on our websites to stay safe from being copied by some one else but i want to know more about this

  • What is the advantage of Disabling Right Click option ?
  • What is the Disadvantage of Disabling Right Click option ?

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The Advantage ?

Well, no one will steal your content nor your image.

The Disadvantage ?

There’re so many Disadvantage then the advantage, sometimes visitors want to quoted someting from your content, or copying someting from your blog, and the worst case is, maybe you’ll lose some traffic because of this. So the point is disabling right click is NOT Recommended. :man_with_turban:



Your content will remain protected


The disadvantage to disabling right click is that : you’re going to annoy people who want to copy your content. It’s like telling someone they can’t do something- they’ll want to do it even more.

If someone wants to copy your content, stopping them from right clicking won’t help. They could hack into the blog, take a screenshot and OCR it, just re-type it themselves, or copy the whole site with software… Best just to let things go. You can’t stop people from stealing something on the internet.


Hi @Mad, People can still try to steal the content by taking screenshots, re-typing it or copying from the source code. The best option is copyrighting the contents. And filing complaints whenever someone steals it.


Thanks All for help :stuck_out_tongue: i understand your points