Duplicate Title Tags Error in Webmaster - HTML Improvements


I have html improvements error on google webmaster “duplicate title tags”. I have already removed indexing label page but I think I couldn’ t remove “/search/label/labelname?max-results=20”

**The error on google webmaster tools are like this : **

  • /search/label/gmail
  • /search/label/gmail?max-results=8

Maybe I can use url paremeters (max-results is set “Let Googlebot decide”) but I couldn’t be sure.

How can I fix this error ?


Actually this may arised due to the use of template. I think when you started with webmasters, you were using a

simple template - without using “max-result=8” or any other sort preference according to date.

Therefore the URL- /search/label/gmail got indexed.

But after sometime you might have changed the template- with sort preference. This might result in the indexing of the URL- /search/label/gmail?max-results=8 , due to which the error appeared in webmasters.


Kindly attach the screenshot and share the URLS where you are getting this error. This error is caused due to URL parameters and you don’t need to configure URL parameters for blogger, it is best to leave them to default settings.

Such errors also appear when you internally link sorted pages of Label pages on your blog posts


Thanks for help friends.I actually in google webmaster tools I set something according to your post. URL paramters are like the following picture.

Should I delete all of them or anything else?What is your suggestion


Yes switch all parameter settings to default. Editing them often cause such troubles. Google knows its product well and can configure it automatically for blogger blogs. Let me know the result after 2 weeks


Thanks for Help. I made it “Let google decide” waiting for results :smile:


So ,what happened with your website ,do you fix errors?