Duplicate Meta Description and Title fixed which resulted in anonymous pageviews


I faced a serious problem of duplicate meta description and duplicate meta titles for my blog in Google search console (for webpage and ?m=1) I gone through one of the forum post where @Mohammad guided to place optimized meta description tag and also mentioned to disable custom robots.txt and custom robots header tags and also disable mobile template. So I followed it and selected “No. Show Desktop template on mobile devices” as my template is also responsive. Soon after making changes, I come to know that /robots.txt?m=1 is being viewed and it is the most viewed page since making the change. (See the screenshot)

As soon as I Select “Yes. Show mobile template” the /robots.txt?m=1 disappears. Can bloggers help me with the issue. Also I need a serious guide in reviewing my blog’s template whether it is SEO optimized or not… my blog is http://austudenthelp.blogspot.com @Mohammad @Rohan kindly help me with the issue…


I’m not sure about this because I’ve never heard or experienced this. Is that Bot traffic? @Mohammad