Duplicate Article on Blogger Page!


I have just discovered and faced a new problem. I never faced this problem. Today I have created a blog and created a “about me” page. I wrote on this page about me article. Saved & when i visited this page i were amazed. On this page I found a same duplicate article of my writing. Example: If i write on this page: Hello I am Maruf then after publish i find on this page my sentence “Hello I am Maruf” 2 times. what the problem.??? plz help me. thanks advance to you


Can’t get you. I think you are a new user and you are not allowed to leave links…try to write them in this format -> abc[dot]com




Hi @marufrangpur, I am clueless what you are talking about. Would you mind re-framing your topic and question please?



hello @marufrangpur First of all your whole blog is appearing broken please try to fix that then I will try to see whats the problem.