Dots in the layout. Is it safe to remove them?


Please see the above picture. There are dots in the layout. What is the code for this dots. I couldn’t find it. Is it safe to remove them? Thanks for the help.

Regards, Rahsin


Its the unordered lists on navigation bar on your blogger blog. You can remove them but it will delete your navigation. if you want you can hide them but its of no use as it is only visible to you no one else.


@Nafees, Thanks for the info. I know these dots are only visible to me.

Are you referring to vertical navigation menu on my blogger blog. I don’t want to mess up with my code as I don’t know what is what. Learning slowly. :yum:

Thanks for all your help :clap:


Try to put this CSS on your blog :wink:, it may help to solved your problem @rahsin

body#layout ul {
    display: none;

or this:

#layout ul {
    display: none;


@Mad It didn’t worked. Since it doesn’t effect my outer appearance of the blog. It bothers me nothing.

Thanks for your help.