Does page speed affects adsense income


Hello Friends,

I just wanted to share my experience from what I’m going thru right now. I may be right or may be wrong, Please do let me know :slight_smile:

Till august/september, 2015 my blog’s ( speed was mobile :- 94-95 and desktop :- 89-90 and CTR was amazing and my adsense revenue was awesome too.

After 2 months i.e November/December Page speed is mobile :- 52-55 and desktop :- 41-42 and CTR went down like nothing + adsense revenue is nowhere now.

I’m losing 50-55% income every month as compare to previous months.

P.S I checked speed using “google page insight”.

So, my question is am I right Does page speed affects adsense income ? Or this is normal and ups downs comes while you are using google adsense.

Google speed test gives too many suggestion but how to make gzip of js files,etc ? these terms are really new to me.

Please help me out. If speed really decrease CTR and income then I think I have no others ways to make money anymore.

@Mohammad I was also Looking for these improvements tutorials on your blog. Can you please start a series for improving page speed.

I would be glad if start this tutorial for improving code and solving errors suggested by google page speed checker tool.

Mohammad I would also be glad if you answer me the above question. Does ctr and income depends on page speed.

Because my traffic is being increase by 30K PV/month but income is decrease by 50-55% per month.

Looking for solution !

@denharsh I would be glad if you answer too. Like though its on blogspot platform but you was also on it in your earlier days so might have some idea about it !

Thanks, Piyush


I also have same problem since last few months.