Does installing shortcodes slows down the speed of blog?


Hi guys!!! I have recently installed MBT Blogger shortcode plugin. I have a doubt that it slows down the speed of blog. So does it slows down the speed of blog ??? Using the source link of MBT Blogger Shortcode Plugin i.e is better or should I integrate the whole piece of the javascript file in my blog??? Does integrating the javascript in our blog avoids any slow page loading or the source link is fast enough???


I advice you to add the shortcodes javascript directly on your template because I was laterly added the shortcodes from the script provided by MBT. This cause two problems in my blog. First is, this slow down my blog’s speed and the second problem was, when I add any shortcode on post, it starts working when the whole webpage had been completely loaded because it was a external script and it took time to load fully. So, to solve this problem, I firstly copied all the javascript and went to Blogger Dashboard > Layouts > Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript and there, I pasted whole JavaScript and saved it. And got positive results and my both problems got vanished!

So I advice you to do the same. You can also add the javascript in your template html by using CDATA tags.


@Shivansh So is it better to add in sidebar via Layout or adding in template using CDATA tags before < /body >


I don’t think their is any different in adding shortcodes javascript as a gadget on in template HTML but you should put it in template HTML because if you put it as a gadget, you will have to use display:none property to hide it properly.