Does having a .com domain benefit for SEO?



I want to ask that normal blogger domains are they Seo friendly I mean if you use the default domain from blogger or if you buy one is there a difference? Seo wise? Or does it help you rank better in search results. because i have heared that normal .blogspot domains dont rank good in compare to .net and .com domains why is that is it because of the number of characters or ? I am a bit confused can anyone plz clear this question for me? Thanks


@alex_khan all those are sub-domains it will never increase your rank on Google . Try to buy a new Premium Domain . Only with your own Domain you can rank on Google Search Engine . It is better you to buy .COM domain , Webmaster Tools giving a special opportunity for .COM users . By choosing a .COM domain you can choose in which country you want to rank more on Google Webmaster Tools .


I think a guy with can rank in search engine as well as a guy with .com domain. We can take an example of, and many more. But yes, You can rank better if you buy a premium domain (.com, .net, .co)


Hi there ,

Well , it’s always said that a top level domain works the best when it comes to SEO. When it comes to Google indexing and ranking a dotcom blog is quite often given more consideration than a blogspot blog unless the blogspot blog enjoys a lot of authentic backlinks.

Just like Shivash said, sites likes helpblogger etc ranks well in Google. It is because it enjoys a lot of backlinks from different sites. So the fact is, a blogspot blog needs to establish its own reputation through backlinks from other sites in order to get highly ranked in Google.

  • Sourav