Does Google Favors a Blogspot Hosted blog on Wordpress?


I want to know that Does it have any effect on your Blog’s Ranking in Google if it was hosted on Blogger or of Wordpress.

According to my thinking, I prepared a rumor in my mind that Google will favor the Blog using Blogspot. Because Blogger is its own service!

Expecting a Good answer from an Expert like @Mohammad or @denharsh


@prince Google never favor any of their service members … Because they need better result


@prince Not at all…It all matters how you optimize your blog. By the end every post (Be it on BlogSpot or WordPress) is a webpage for Google & they look at the source code to find what this page is about. There are many more factors which are important, but in short to answer your question, if you can optimize your BlogSpot blog in the right way, you can outrank a WordPress blog. Similarly a WordPress blog when optimized the right way, can outrank BlogSpot blog.


Blogger enjoys Google’s Robust hosting and security but does not get any advantage over WordPress in Search engines. All sites are treated as equal contrary to the popular opinion that blogger users are at an advantage. Further, search engine optimization seems to be quite easy for WordPress than for Blogger with the use of plugins.


Thanks All for this kind help to me on this topic. I feel great in getting help from seniors and to help the newone’s!


Google is a search engine that deals with the web’s best pages to satisfy people and this is their business. Google crawls millions of pages each day and show them on search results pages for specific keywords while they can ran articles basically on user experience and demote any article for the same reason.

Google never compromises with any content management system in ranking issues and they are very strict in giving punishment the spam content based articles at the same time the author who publish it.