Does Education matters same as your inner self in case of online Success?


My question is that you did write blogs and one day you got success but that was your chance not every one is having a luck so…people need to study to get position they cannot just get entertained in their life but you said ’ never study to get position ,just take out your inner self ’ & that’s not possible for everyone! Even I want to be someone who is known by everyone and I want to be like you but I cant same as some people can’t! So?Taking position in studies matters more then what you are from inside!


Sister warda thank you for raising this question and thank you for attending our seminar at “Beacon Light Academy” on “Entrepreneurship VS Slave Mentality”

You remember how I differentiated between Taleem and ilm? I will term education as Taleem which anyone can seek and I will define ilm as Wisdom which can also be sought but only if you come out of your comfort zone and dedicate every leisure second into thinking how can you make the other second a better life.

Life is an uneven track where you will often encounter jumps and speed breakers but as you keep moving forward you are just ahead of what you left behind. What you dream today is equal to a grain of salt when compared to your hidden talents. You think achieving your dreams is just a mere imagination with no reality in it because you have never prepared your inner self for the downs you only expected the ups in life. But if you dream with open eyes and not close eyes than you will realise success is a coined name for ups and downs combined.

You can surely achieve your dreams of becoming a far better entrepreneur and online tycoon if you set your success targets in bits and parts. How? Let me explain

  1. You already achieved the 10% by taking the courage to ask for help via this public forum, rarely can an incompetent and lazy human do that but you proved you ain’t lazy or incompetent and you are ready to find answer to your quest. Well done for the first part!

  2. You already achieved another 40% by educating yourself through going school and you are about to graduate from school and you will hopefully complete college too which are the fundamentals to get closer to achiveing wisdom.

  3. Now you are just 50% away from becoming the next BiG YOU! And this is how you need to set your goals

  • first 10% will be achieved when you set up a blog

  • next 10% will be achieved when you will start exploring content writing tools and skills through trial and error. Do make mistakes because that’s what makes everyone perfect! You will customise your blog and play with its colors and designs. You will share with the world what you know best like sharing content of your interest, Remeber Rekha and Sanjana? How these talented housewives are earning thousands by solely posting jewellery and dress related content! You can share too, stuff you like to a crazy crowd of 2.5 billion online who are eagerly waiting to read what you have to share! Just go for it, no one is perfect at start! People start ugly but things get smooth gradually! **I started this way when rarely people knew I existed on this planet! **

  • You will achieve the next 10% by marketing your stuff and monetising it to generate revenu through the traffic you get. Sponsors would run after you and would beg you to put their advertisements on your web!

  • You will achive the remaining 10% by adding creativity to what you just achieved and expanding your business by giving paid services and using the funds generated to invest into something more bigger. You just become an entrepreneur!

  • Lastly you will achive the remaining 10% by thanking God day and night for all His blessings and you will promise Him to share your skills and knowledge with people who have misbelieved that they can’t be as great as you are Today!

You don’t need to become one like me or anyone else because you are far better in every aspect from everyone who inspires you, it is just a matter of time you realise your God Gifted Potentials. I see a great legend hidden in you Warda Najam, don’t let it die. Dont Forget that poor guy I was yesterday and I am the same hard working man today , it’s respect from God that I am given so much love in public else I consider myself no different. Dear sis I am always here to guide and help you


Thank you so much :blush: I have learned something AMAZING from your answer!! :slight_smile:


Keep in mind “If you can ask something, then you probably have the ability to answer something”

If you can read and write simple English even Urdu then you can blog, also you can earn money. :blush:

Also there are many platforms available for learning any thing we want to. Just search on Google and get amazing ideas.


Good Answer … inspiration :smile: