Does domain extension matters in SEO and DA PA PR?


i would like to ask few questions

  1. does domain extension matters in your PR/DA/PA and SEO and other organic traffic related stuff?
  2. what are the best domain extensions? .com .org .net .info, .co ? or does these have equal benifit or is it like .com is better then .org? is there any difference btwn these?
  3. does it matters if it is or or .org

please any expert on SEO answer these questions, and yes if their is any reliable article, share that i will read from it, posting here rather then google is, bcs of the authenticity of information.

regards and waiting for reply


Ya domain extension have a high role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

.COM = By using this domain extension you can target any country in Search Engine
.INFO = For information related websites
.IN = For targeting the country India
.ORG = For Organisation
.US = For targeting the country United State .

Like that each domain have their own priority . By selecting the .COM Domain . You can target any country you like to Rank more on Google Search Engine .

I am selected .IN Domain for my Blog and i am getting more traffic from India than any other country . This is because of the domain extension .
To know more about this : Refer This


i wanted a general website. blog on beauty and fashion. i am not getting my desired domain on .com i can get but not should i go fot it, is it the same? and what about .co? and .net?


The First Thing you have to consider is that, which type of audience you are going to Target?

Then Take a look at your Blog’s Niche. What info you are going to put on it?

Then follow those quite simple guidelines.

You can use .net as they are nearly act same like .com’s. I have never tried to work with a .co Domain but on the basis of my Experience, I think it will effect the SEO in a negative manner. So try to use .net or a .com Domain if you are going to target Global Audience. Althrough all are top level domains but choosing a ,com or .net will affects in a positive way!


hmm, thanks my website is a place where user of different university can upload their class lectures and there frnds can download them, it also has a forum,

so one option is go for .pk , bcs most of traffic i have is from pakistan. second option is .com info or net or a ( - ) in between. does a dash in between matters?



.Com domain is anytime better than any other. You can use ( - ) in domain name, but it’s not highly recommended. A brandable & a good domain should have: Easy to remember Easy to type Easy to pronounce

Apart from domain name, it’s your hosting location plays a major role in ranking of your site. Since you are not getting .com domain, if possible adding prefix or suffix to your desire name & see if that’s available.


@denharsh your are a little late :frowning: i just bought

other options were, and


You should have chosen the domain with .com extension


.com was not available so i have to make this purchase


Domain Extension is not a play major role in search ranking. Google Official blog said, We treat all domain extension same in SERP, for example .net, .com .info .org etc.

People said choose .com extension, just because it is easy to remember for any person, but now many of people using .info .org(like, without any effect in ranking. So choose any top level domain extension as you like and available to register.

While you targeting specific country, then you can use specific country level domain, but it is not mean you will not ranked in other country. If some of domain like pointed your site, then you will also ranked on I also seen many of developer site with extension in result. May be you are also seen many of times. So Ranking is done automatically by links, not by domain extension. Hope it make sense everyone :slight_smile: