Does comments containing links affect the search engine ranking of the blog?


one post among my blog popular posts got 150 plus comments by anonymous with links within a week, are these comments having links have any side effect to my site ranking or come in any sort of violation… Shall I keep these comments or mark them as spam and delete them? What are your suggestions?


Yes These links works as the links which google understands that you are sellling links so try to remove the comments in which links which are without any reason. also if you want to avoid more comments with links,disable the anonymous comments by going in blog settings which will limit the spammy comments…

Hope You Understand :smile:


I haven’t checked your blog but I think they might be spam comments. If they violate your blog’s comment policy or contain unnatural/low quality links just delete them all.

~ Rohan.


Any comment which does not relate to your content and which sound cheesy and meaningless should be deleted. Comments add up to your content and increase your LSI keywords but only if these comments are generously posted and add some value to your articles.

Comments with links are always a spam and they should be deleted the sooner possible

Always moderate comments and never allow anonymous comments


I have seen these type of comments in a blog (in my teacher’s blog). These types of comments usually come on the most related posts and always contain at least one spammy link. The only idea to get ride from these comments are disabling anonymous commenting for a short time period.


when anyone comment on my new blog, it comes me in mail to allow or delete it. the comments praising my efforts and way of writing plus one spammy link. i allow them to publish. the beauty of my template is, it shows only text and hide the spammy link.are these comments have any side effect to my site ranking or come in any sort of violation. Shall I keep these comments? What are your suggestions? check a post with 22 such anonymous comments.


This is normally known as Spam try to remove those comments one by one and allow comment moderation before anyone can comment on your site the links u have on your blog can harm your blog really badly remove them ASAP. :smile:


Dear alex_khan I have allowed comment moderation, if you visit the example post you can see the Spamy link is not appearing in the post. how it can be harmful?. all the comments are praising site and my writing style.


I’ve also been thinking the same from the past few days. If the link is removed, it shouldn’t be harmful


thanks Dear mohak, you are the one who understand what i want to say, i am allowing only the comments that are praising site and my writing style. as these comments are checked by crawlers not human for ranking.


I agree, I think you should give it an experimental try. See if allowing the comments without links affects your traffic or not, use Google Analytics to monitor, if possible, because I myself haven’t tried allowing them, so I cannot say anything for sure.