Does Changing domain URL From non WWW to WWW effect SEO Or Traffic?


how it will affect on website/blog performance and SEO efforts.

currently i have change my domain non www to www (e.g. I have a feeling that my site rank less since I changed this.

Could the change of >> have a factual impact on ranking? Google does not explicitly say either is better or worse. Are they holding information back?

I am confused fellow folks…!!

As much as I would like to separate facts from fiction, I am aware that not all the good valid information is written. Not on google webmaster site and perhaps not elsewhere. If so it seems out of date!

Does or does not not a non www domain impact seo/rank better than its WWW version?

also give me suggestion which is the best option in google webmastertools.

Preferred domain

1. Don’t set a preferred domain

2. Display URLs as

3 Display URLs as

Thanks very much for in advance for your precious support in past and in future.


@mybloggertricks In my case , I am telling you that , It is better to use non WWW. because most of the famous website like Search Engine Land where with the non WWW. format . Also the sudden changes will always effect the SEO especially in Domain and Design of a blog .


To be practical, it makes no drastic change whether to use a naked domain or domain with www as the sub-domain. A domain which is hosted at the root directory like www, is better remembered by people as a brand. People are habitual to recognizing websites with www extension and are observed browsing sites in address bar using the www extension most frequently.

The naked domain on other side gives an extra room for your permalink to be more visible on SERPs thus making some extra keywords visible instead of being chopped off. So it has an SEO benefit for people who are habitual with creating long-tailed keywords inside permalinks.

If you have seen a traffic drop after making the change then of-course that is obvious because it takes some time for Google to refresh the data submitted in its index and 301 redirect your old URLS to the new ones. You must resubmit your sitemaps and give Google a month at least.

If you ask me, I am always in favour of www version and recommend it to all my clients. For one simple reason and that is, it sounds Cool! Gives a www DOT Com Brand to your site

For preferred domain set it now as


Thank You Very Much dear. One thing more please, i have done the redirect from non www to www and successfully. But now whenever i search my blog via, i got 404 error from browser. Is there any way to resolve it?

Thanks you.


This is will take some time. Wait for some 24 hours and it will start working fine.


Make sure your forward your domain to www using the Domain forwarder tool inside your Webhosting cPanel. It is the only option that will 301 redirect all non www addresses to www.


Thanks @Mohammad Mohammad For your reply.

i just applied domain forward setting in my domain setting panel, but still got 404 error when search for non www domain?

my blog hosted at Godaddy

domains>>manage>>domain detail and in the setting tab.

Forwarding Setting

1. Forward to: http:// www.

2. Redirect: 301(Permanent)

3. Type: Forward only

there is any additional setting which is i need to configure for forward my domain from non www to www ?

waiting for your quick response.


After that choose the redirect option in Blogger settings also to redirect your naked domain to www. If you have already done that then you need to wait 48 hours for godaddy to propagate the new DNS settings. I just did this for two domains of my clients and the domains are now working fine after a 29 hours wait