Does Blogger Support running PHP Scripts on a Separate Hosting?


Dear @Muhammad i know that blogger dose not support php but if i buy a domain and a hosting and configure it blogger then will it support php scripts like login logout etc and can we use php templates then also can get my pages like ex" rather than . And which type of hosting should i choose Windows or linux ? :confused:


If you buy a hosting . Then you can connect the hosting panel with blogspot sub domain by pointing out the IP address and A Records with the sub domain of blog .
Example : You blogspot blog domain address is
You connect the to the hosting server … This is what mybbloggertricks done


Blogger Blogs are hosted by Google and the hosting is restricted. Users are only allowed UI access and some settings. Users can not cannot to the database to modify the structure. Further Blogger uses python to execute scripts at sever side and uses XHTML for building the front-end interface i.e. The basic Layout structure.

You can surely use PHP to run a python script but only if Blogger allows access to these privileges. At present it is not possible.

But you can surely run PHP on a sub-domain hosted by you. Like we did for our contact page of blog


Which type of hosting is required Windows or Linux ?


You can use any of them to connect with your Blogspot Domain …It is better to use Linux Hosting , Because most of the webmasters where using Linux Hosting .