Do we have to submit the new sitemap.xml?



My question today is that Blogger recently updated the sitemaps for that incase is

Do i have to submit the sitemap.xml in webmaster tools or should i leave the old sitemaps which are atom.xml?redirect=false one?


Continuing the discussion from After how much time I should re-submit sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools:

Please search relevent content available forum and Submit a new post if you do not find solution. check above detailed info by our admin Mohammad

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You can delete the previous sitemaps and instead add sitemap.xml as a simple solution. It is a recommended approach to ensure faster indexing by Google

@chinnilax Thank you for your prompt help to community members buddy. In the post you quoted, I meant that he doesn’t need to resubmit same sitemap again and again because Google will automatically index new posts on his site through the forum. He was confused that may be the process requires manual submission each time a blog post is publish on his site :smile: