Do Search Engines Index Disqus Comments?


Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if Google indexes Disqus blog comments or not. I get really valuable (long) comments on my blog and I think if search engines index it well then it would be an added advantage from my blog.

Here is one such comment which is almost the length of the post:

If Disqus doesn’t gets indexed so shall I change the commenting system?

Any help, advice or suggestions will be highly appreciated.

~ Rohan.


Disqus comments get indexed in google. I previously used discus commenting system on my blog and I found that comments containing the searched keywords appeared in the search results, and I have choose to hide private search results. Therefore according to me they get indexed in google and that too very easily.


Thanks Naman. That sounds like a good news for me. Lets see what others have to add to the discussion. :slight_smile:


But wait. Let me explain you some problems

Then comments which will be posted on your blog using the discus commenting system, will not appear in blogger dashboard. so you’ll not be able to manage your blog’s comments in the blogger dashboard.

Moreover Discus commenting system don’t allow you to add links or anyother HTML element in your comment. It also don’t allow you to use Blogger Shortcodes by @Mohammad.


I know that it doesn’t allow the Admin to access the comments through the blogger dashboard. I have been using Disqus for a long time now.

Disqus commenting system does allows Links, Images, Videos and other HTML codes.



yes Google bot can now crawl through Iframe tags so both disqus and Facebook comments are now indexable. You can test it yourself by copying a comment from your blog and then pasting it in google search box. Hopefully you will find it in SERPs

Disqus is the second best choice after blogger threaded comments but better than Facebook and Google+


Hi Rohan,

Disqus comments will be taken into consideration by search engines like Google. Comments containing keywords contribute to the SERP ranking of the page. I experience it for my blog. To track the Google indexing, Google Alert the blog keywords like ‘sitename’ and ‘’. Whenever someone comments on the site, you would see Google Alert of indexing the same page again.

Try it and observe. Hope that helps :smile:


@Mohammad, Oh thanks, that gives me so much relief. Phew! :slight_smile:

I was facing some issues with the Blogger comments. Many complained that their comments were lost when they used Google account to comment.

~ Rohan.


@sasikareti, Thanks for the insights Sasidhar. :slight_smile: Also thanks for suggesting ways to track the indexing by Google. Good to know you can see your blog comments getting indexed by the search engines. :slight_smile:


I copied the comment and pasted in the Google search box but could not find my blog ranking. Maybe the post is not indexed yet.


They might be using Google+ and then reverting back to Custom Blogger commenting System. If you keep using blogger threaded commenting system or Disqus then you will not face such an issue.


yes first you must check if the post is indexed or not and then do the web query

Use this method “yourquery”


yes they are indexed. i think a url is in google and then that brings your to and then if they want they can go to the blog post.


Thank you Rohan, You have make it very easy for me to understand about Disqus is helpful for SEO or not. I am Freelance Web Designer and will try to follow your tips to improve my website backlink.