Do elements too close error cause a drop in Google Rank?



I’ve recently seen my Goggle rank drop dramatically… I used to have 3k visiters per day and out of the blue I get only 1,500-2,000 visitors. I’ve checked my Google Console and noticed that I lost position. I used to have 6,8 constantly but now I not only get 7,8 but also have this dropped rank behavior varying deeply and daily.

I kept searching for possible problems that might be ocorring to me that went unnoticed. As you can see below, I got almost 3 hundred pages with mobile error related to “elements too close”. I’ve read that it may cause a drop in Google Search position.

Now the errors dropped to 87 links but I still have problems with my position. What should I do? I corrected all the pages with this issue and there is nothing else problematic in my blog… waiting for Google up-date is the only thing I can do now?

Thanks in advance!


@dudujr For this kind of threads, you have to share your blog address then only we can help you.


I am a new user I cant put a link… try this on Google: