DNS error after change url in wedmaster tools


I have a blog http://ntsotsos.blogspot.com. I recently bought a new domain name http://www.ntsotsos.gr so I decide via webmaaster tools change url . I add new domain and I succesfull change url .But… next day new domain name through WMT show DNS error but I use Fetch as Google tool and was fine . What should I do ? Cancel change url and return to blogspot?How can I fix dns error? The strange thing is that google index show already new urp in indexing(searching through google)!!


According to Google,

A DNS error means that Googlebot can’t communicate with your DNS server either because the server is down, or because there’s an issue with the DNS routing to your domain.

This most often happens due to your webhosting shared hosting account.

You don’t need to swtich back to old domain, this is a normal error which occasionaly occures when your server is overloaded. Contact your webhost when this error displays again, for the time being you can ignore it because your site DNS settings is well setup and it is indexed well too.


@Nick That’s normal & don’t worry about it. Make sure you submit your new domain sitemap URL. The DNS error might be happening due to change of URL, just ensure that users from all other part of the world are able to access your site.

Rest in a week or two, your DNS errors will be gone.