Ditched || Someone stole my hardwork!


Hello Guys, I am a new blogger and actually before creating an blog I learned how to design blogger templates so I designed 4-6 Templates and the last one I designed Looked Fabulous.

I showed it to one of my Friends (EX :sob: ) and he said that he would like to buy that template so I showed him the DEMO of that template but he asked me for the whole template file (XML) As he said that he wanted to see the codes and how well its coded so Unknowingly of his wrong intentions I Sent that Template to him and afterwards he said that now I wont buy that and now I will use it for myself,So I told him that its not right and its my own hardwork and you shan’t use it but he said that you don’t have any proof so this template is mine and I will tell everyone that I have designed it and also he told that he will sell to other people as well he would use it himself!

Guys I am really Very Depressed Now that my hardwork is taken by someone else and that too without some credits!

Please Tell me What should I do now? I have no licenses of that template :sob:


Very Sad Story :cry: But Now You Can Complaint To Google About It By Going-


Don’t Loose Hopes And Continue Doing Hard Work. Also You Shouldn’t have given your template to such a greedy person now just report it to google.

Also Give Me The Email Of That Greedy Person And See I Will Make Him Realize What Has He Done To My Friend @Nafees. Also Give Me Demo Url Of Template I Will Definitely Try To Help You :smile:

Also Don’t Get Depressed Just Remain Happy :smile:


I have pulled all the content of that template from the net! and what should I tell to google? I dont have any proof that,template is ccreated by me


How Did You Did That??

Thats Good :thumbsup:


I just deleted the demo blog and all the images!


As Said You Can Report To Google By Going To-



Yes Friend! But what should I write to them? and if they ask for some kinda proof then?? :frowning: :’( and also he has not uploaded or used the template till now and google asks the Location of the allegedly infringing material So I can do nothing I think So

But I can do one thing is that I can go to his home and bang him properly :imp: :rage:


@Nafees be positive dont get angry :angry: .firstly you took wrong step to remove your demo url because it was the only proof to you now you just follow him when he uses your template just then report to google. but now try to make a newdemo url of template and surely add your credits in it so it can bea proof .also give me email of your friend. hope you understand :smile:


I have added analytics tracking ID ???

will it be useful in someways?? @ngtechzone


You Have Added Analytics Tracking Id In Which Thing? Template Or Other?




There is no benefit of adding analytics to your template. But Please Give Me Demo Url Of Your template.


Its not live, as i said I deleted the blog but the template file is with me !


So Make A New Blog And Upload The Template In It And Then Give The Url To Me Because It Will Be Your One And Only Proof For You! And Will Help You In Future.




Unfortunately you learnt a bitter reality of this world and that is never to trust someone blindly. As a matter of fact neither Google, nor DMCA nor someone else can help you in this regard because what you encountered is a personal mishandling and Online infringement laws can provide little support there.

I would advice that you be careful next time and keep never trust anyone blindly. Work hard and forget what happened. Good will come in your way not of a theft. :gift_heart:


Thankyou for your wonderful moral support.


Hey @Nafees don’t let yourself down. @samurai already told you that DMCA or Google can’t help you out in this situation, so now nothing can be done for it. But don’t worry about that very much. The one who copied your work will not get much out of it. But you have skills, you can build hundreds of templates like that and even better. So you need not worry about that template. Boost yourself up! and get on to work buddy. Waiting for your next template.

For any help, drop me a line at naman@outlook.in . Stay in touch !

Happy Blogging!


Thankyou so much @NamanKumar I told that guy,that now if you will try to use my template I will complain about it to google. So he said you don’t have any proof about this template is yours So I Faked that I have Include Some javascript that proves that this template is mine (and he took it seriously as he has zero knowledge about HTML/CSS/Javascript ) Also He told me sorry and said he is building his new blog and he is gonna use it but he will pay me for that and he will also give some appropriate credits to me

Thanks Guys for helping me in this stage :blush: And Motivating me to continue my work without getting in distress :smile:


very sad story.Be careful in future and don’t trust any person .Don’t lose heart and you can make new template batter than previous.