Disqus Commenting System VS Google+ Commenting System


Hello friends, while searching google for my blog’s backlinks I found that Disqus links to my posts were also appearing. Actually earlier I setup disqus commenting for my blog but I reverted back to the google+ system. Now please tell me is disqus commenting system more SEO friendly and I should use it or not.


@NamanKumar some of the famous sites like SearchEngineLand where using Disqus commenting system , So i don’t think it cause your SEO Traffic .


Will it account to get me more traffic than standard Google+ commenting system and some backlinks?


@NamanKumar i don’t think that will make you Backlinks but … It will improve your comment rating more than now .


disqus increase your comments because that is easy any one can log on facebook twitter and leave comment on your blog


Google+ and Facebook comment plugins adds no SEO value except some traffic from the platforms itself and even that traffic is not worth trying it out. Many blogs are reverting back to their traditional commenting systems to better keep a backup of their comments and moderate them as they will.

My vote goes for the default Blogger threaded system or Disqus which deserves respect.

I have already discussed 5 Disadvantages of using Google+ comments

Find below the reason for not using Facebook plugin


I would suggest DISQUS over Google + Also it’s a good idea to start using a custom domain when you are using Blogger. @NamanKumar I’m hoping you are using Blogger.

If you are using WordPress, prefer DISQUS or default WordPress comment system (My fav)…


I am so glad you shared your precious views here harsh. It surely means a lot buddy :clap:


Sir I also think the same as the main problem which I feel using Disqus system is that I can’t use the blogger shortcodes on them. I’ll go with Blogger commenting system.


I used Blogger default comments, but was not satisfied with it as it had very less features, then i changed to Google plus comments, and soon got fed up with it and started searching a review between these commenting system and landed here.

Well, i am going to use Disqus for comments. The one drawback may be that it loads slow otherwise it seems perfect !

I started using Gplus on ads2020.marketing BUT it didnt give me any control over the comments for which I hated it. The second reason- if you share your own posts on Gplus community and your own page or profile it will also show on your blog which makes it look messy!