[Discussion] Why Do Some Experienced Bloggers Still Prefer WordPress Over Blogger?


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I see many bloggers like @Mohammad,Syed Faizan ali became a pro blogger from blogspot platform, but still many probloggers prefer wordpress over blogger because it has ease of access, As a pro blogger or a blogger what would you prefer? and why would your prefer it?


Because they got money to Host and their blog on WordPress … There is nothing else … :yum:


I dont agree a investment as minimum as 12$ is needed to start a website on wordpress


@Nafees and @MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC, I am agree that one should start with WordPress but if he/she is experienced blogger and his writing skills, Photoshop skills etc. are good. I am not agree that one should start with WordPress if that “one” is newbie and have no skills of writing or of other things that are required in blogging.


No! I dont agree! Who said wordpres isnt newbie friendly? I think blogger is not newbie friendly you know why?

Theme: You can easily do drag and drop and using plugins you can do anything you want in your site whereas in blogger you have to mess with codings for widgets and themes.

SEO: with wordpress you can do the seo thing easily using plugins and with blogger you have to again mess with meta tags and that all.

There are even more points that prove wordpress is more newbie friendly.like you can easily create a mobile app for wordpress sites


For Me Both Are Excellent ! It Totally Depends On The Person Who Uses It , For Example - Now I’m Getting Perfect In Blogger And Started Making My Own Templates Therefore Blogger Is Looking Quite Easy For Me. But when it comes to wordpress Php knowledge is required which is not so easy. :hammer:

And There Is No Relation Of Starting With Blogger If Someone Is Newbie As I Was Also An Newbie And Understood The Wordpress Quite Easily :smile:


Bro blogging and webdesign are different topics. Here we are talking about blogging one does not need to know how to code for blogging


Sorry I Just Went To Upper Level ! :wink:

BTW Blogger Is More Secure And Have Many Unique Features Also And Wordpress Is Very Powerful Which Creates The Whole Confusion. :confused: :smile:


Blogger is more secure thats the only point in which blogger is better. But wordpress is having more unique features because we can access php. Blogger could be powerful but because of restriction to access of client side language blogger counts in -1


That’s The Main Point That Blogger Is Managed By The Blogger Team Whereas Wordpress Is Fully Managed By US , We’re responsible what happens :smiley:


But the hosting company can again secure our blog on wordpress from hackers


You can see popular sites like engadget,tech crunch,mashable run on wordpress and they are on top level security too


Yep If You Choose Best Hosting Providers Like Hostgator Or Godaddy , etc. :smile:

And Wordpress Has Good Amount Of Useful Widgets :smiley:


So its obvious that as a blogger why should i prefer wordpress :wink:


Maybe you should check their blog/site background. I learn that with wp you can get a lot of plugins to support what is the main goal of the site. Blog/Site in Blogger can not do so much thing as the blog/site master can not do their on development.


It’s looking good discussion now. :smile:

And @Nafees and @ngtechzone, I never said that WordPress is complicated o’ it’s dashboard 's hard to operated by Newbie. I had said that newbie should not start with WordPress because, as a newbie, he hasn’t the knowledge of how to write, how to use social media to gain traffic.

Now, if he start with Blogger and in 2 months, get enough knowledge about general terms and some traffic tips, then it would become easy to work with WordPress.

I mean, one should practise first for free (on Blogger) and then move to paid (WordPress) and take it seriously.


Nice Said As First Every Newbie Should Learn Blogging Basic Like Search Description , Meta Tags , SEO Optimization And Then Move To A Paid One Which Is Wordpress Just Like First We Learn To Ride Cycle And The Motorcycle And The Car :smiley: (Just An Example) :wink:


Bro Search description and meta tags and seo optimization can be learned through wordpress also. Its just the more easy way. You dont have to go in the HTML editor for that.

For Ex: Video tutorials which are animated are more easier to understand than oral and blackboard explanation!


I don’t think anyone would love to spend some money for just learning when we can learn on Blogger for free.


Hi to all

For me, I always prefered wordpress more than blogger because there is lots of customization option.

Here is why I preferred

  1. Think about Recent post widget in blogger you have use Javascript to load the content but in wordpress Recent post simple call by php code in backend and you only get html code which reduce your blog loading time.

  2. Second thing blogger does not support leverage caching which is badly needed for every blogger

  3. You can’t access .htaccess

  4. Blogger has not seen any update since a very long time.

  5. Support of blogger are limited

  6. Keyword stuffing in each post not available in blogger

  7. There are so many tutorials(especially video) which help you to customize your blog in wordpress but if you search for blogger it is limited.

  8. So many free available theme for wordpress, you can’t called wordpress only for Blogging it is more than that.

  9. Blogger is not optimized for mobile device(not for all case) if you compared at the wordpress blog by default Only free hosting and security wise blogger is better. It depend person to person whether to choose Wordpress or Blogger or Ghost Blogger(out of discussion).If you want to fully control your website wordpress is always better choice.

As @Shivansh if you want become blogger and taking it so seriously be paid and use wordpress.