Did HTML error does affect ranking?


Today I check my website on https://validator.w3.org and here my website showing 35 errors and 5 warning. How could I solved this because I don’t know about HTML and my second question is does it will effect my website ranking or not.

I am thinking that important to solved HTML error but guys your advice is important not mine

thanks in advance


@Yunus_Khan, I advise you to ignore that search results. My blog also have 87 errors and MBT have 200 but just ignore it because that HTML Validator is not prepared for detecting errors of blogger template because blogger template are coded very differently.


Thanks brother I have another issue like missing updates I tried advice on myblogtricks post but not work for me I am using blogger


‘Missing Updates’…what do you mean by this?


I google webmaster tools missing author and update. I solved author issue now update issue still remain same


Well, I think we are going off topic. Isn’t it?


I could not fine it in my templets and I am going to create new topic


Then I would love to answer their! And don’t forget to add your blog’s URL.