Customizing Layout With Colors and Titles


I have Seen Themes Having Colors In Layout Admin Panel. Themes of Arlina design have like That and Even BMAG also. How Can We Make Like This …Please Admin Tell Me @Mohammad .Here is Image Like What i Want to Do


why are you People not answering my question



Firstly, sorry for late reply :stuck_out_tongue:. But finally, here’s your answer:

In Blogger, we can customize layout tab’s look using CSS. To do this, we use id #layout. This is quite easy. Its like customizing a widget. Let’s start with some CSS tricks.

Change the Background Color of Layout Widget Blocks

To do this, you should know the id of the HTML widget. Here’s a little guide that will tell you how to know the ID of a HTML widget (in Blogger).

Steps- How to get the HTML ID of a widget (in Blogger)?

  • Go to Layout Tab from your Blogger Dashboard and click on the Edit link of any widget.
  • Now, take a look to the address bar of the new pop up window. At the end of the URL, you will find the widget’s HTML ID (as shown in picture)(this might be different in your case. But for now, take it as HTML100):

Return To Changing the Background of Widget Block

- Now, you have got the html id of the widget. Go to Template tab >> Edit HTML - Search for `]]>` and now, its time to play with CSS. - Now Suppose, if you want to change the block's background to any color, then use the following CSS:
     #layout #HTML100 .widget-content{background-color:#f39c12!important}
  • Now this will change the color of the block of the widget.

You can add more css codes on the upper code to add any other effects

Hope It will Help!

-Shivansh Verma Skv


Thanks @Shivansh For Your Kind Help. I have Another Question. How can I add Written Text Above <B:section> in Layout…