CSS not being applied when imported exteranally


I am making a new blogger template so mainly I host them internally but not to get messed up just when I am creating it I uploaded it on dropbox. Its very strange that its not being applied. I am using @import for importing I even tried <link/> but still not possible. I checked the extension that its .css or ain’t but its .css I am now helpless. Please help thanx


As I know, you have removed the template from your blog. So, I am unable to find the problem. :frowning:

Can you copy-paste your blog’s <head> section’s starting code here in which you had placed the link href tag?

There are two reasons of this. 1) You have done a typo mistake and 2) You can added wrong classes in the uploaded file.


No bro I once again copied all the matter and pasted it in my template ad it was showing :sweat: