Creating Squeeze-page For Blogger


I want to learn to create squeeze page in my blogger. I have seen that has nothing on the internet that works professionally as in wordpres.

Page similar to the site:, think are the greatest authority on the subject.

I think it’s blogger this page: ??? //////////////////////////////


Would you mind framing a question please?


@Claudinei The Blog page address you’re referring to is 100% made on blogger. Blog author has created different landing pages on this blog. If you want to learn how he did that then surely you can visit the link my best buddy @Rohan has shared.

Blogger has limitations compared to WordPress but we can do that all the work manually if you have enough knowledge of HTML, CSS and how blogger platform work. And the best part is we don’t have to pay a single penny for hosting :smile:


Satbir your post was really good! I’ve read it before and it is really helping for those who look upon using blogger to the fullest :blush:


That’s rightngtechzone, create a squeeze page on a page of my blogspot.

Thank you, I will check!


ItTwistBlogger, hosting is bad for those who do not made money yet.


Creating a Squeeze Page is not rocket science. Anyone can easily create a squeeze page with the help of ready made templates found around the web. The only thing you must concentrate in it is the UI & UX, which increases/ decreases your conversion. Designing a great squeeze page can give boom to your lead generation activity and increase sales. Checkout these lead generation hacks that guides on create a high converting Squeeze page.