Creating and Customizing Blogger Templates


Hey M. Mustafa, I was really amazed when i saw this Blogger Help Forum and you after almost a year, and I am glad that you’re back to work. Bro I just wanted to ask you a simple question that If I download a premade template, customize it fully (80-90%), and again publish it with my own credit links, is it legal. I’m really confused about this question, I asked the some same question from some other template designers, 50% said yes and 50% no. So please answer this question, i was looking to start my own blogger templates website but i didn’t started due to this question but I think your answer would help me to decide whether, I should start or not :smile: At last i would like to thank MBT and MBL too :wink: you and syed faizan ali are my inspirations and i started blogging due to you guys. Keep it Up, I am waiting for your reply and and and my last ques. :smiley: that how can i create my own post summary, that is just after the skin tag/css codes.


I think, this is legal. But If you customized it very bit like If you only changed the color, some images; then it would be illegal.

If you change the template fully, like I have changed a template to my own here: You have change almost all things of the template. Its header style, footer style, sidebar style, .post h2 and almost all styles. And Then, It would be 80-90%. If you do all these customizing, then It would be legal.

Also, Create a demo blog and set that template which you have customized 80-90%. If after seeing your template I give you the original template name then you have not customized it rightly. Because If you do all customizing (that I mention in upper paragraph) then your template will look like yours, Not the original one.

If you want more help about removing non removable credits, adding non removable credits, creating responsive and good design then send me Private Msg. Because I am a tricky and designer blogger.


@Mohammad Bro can you please tell me about creating posts summary.


@Shivansh how can i contact you bro


Just Sent me a Private msg. :smile:

And If you are not able to send me a private msg then Come on Hangouts (


@zohaibliaqat Dear all I wish for talented guys like yourself is something far bigger than MBT or anything we have achieved so far. Before I may answer your question I want you to ponder over these questions:

  1. Why do you want to customize a premade template when you can create a unique template from scratch?
  2. If you believe you can’t build the basic structure then have you really worked upon your web designing skills? Do you know basics of CSS/HTML/JQuery, if not then why not learn them today then taking inspiration from somewhere else. You can excel them within a month if you read tutorials of lynda or w3schools

you are far more exceptional than what you think, you can do wonders if you work hard and trust your potentials. People who bring unique stuff are always respected and remembered forever. What would like people to call you “The great Zohaib who creates Unique Stuff” or “The Zohaib who simple customize others stuff”, I guess the former is better. :angel:

Regarding the post summary, you may ask this question as a separate topic in the JSON API category under customization. Be descriptive and explain in full details what would like you to learn using Blogger’s JSON API to create post summaries


Hello @Mohammad , Thank you for the time and yeah you’re right the former is better. What people use for creating templates? Dreamweaver? For designing a template from scratch, if im am not wrong the very first thing we need is the basic structure like the posts area, header, sidebar etc. and then the other codes for menus and CSS for designing. I’m already up with all those things HTML and CSS.

Really your words motivated me that its good to be the former and I think i should spend some more days and create a template from scratch.

Thank you v.v Much for your help.


it’s a great idea when it decided to design everything from scratch, but I sometimes constrained in the basic structure templates blogger, such as blogger script to invoke a comment, or a basic script that should exist in the template blogger. where i can find the basic script?


You can download any blogger template to access these scripts that should be on every blogger template. It will also help you to know about structure.


I am so glad you chose the right standard. I have written a detailed post on what tool are need to develop and design blogger templates and I am sure it will answer all your queries. Please read this extract:


Hi! all members I need some help from pro blogger to customize my blog template. I want to edit my post shape and its look just like in this website. bloggertheme9. com He added laptop on his post in homepage and I don’t no how to make this editing. Can anyone help me.


Btw, if you want to build your own Blogger template from scratch then here is a complete resource for you that will help you to build your own Blogger template :