Create subdomain for hosting Demo for Blogger Domain


I have a blog which is hosted on ), I want to create a subdomain(i.e ) where I want to show my demo php project. Tell me step by step so that I can set it correctly.

I am using for domain. and For hosting I am using

Kindly Provide me expert solution. I am hoping it is best once to solve my problem.

I hope I will get my solution soon


Please get in touch with your host and confirm that you are allowed to create sub-domains under your account. There are chances that your host have restricted this Or you dont any hosting plan.

Your hosting provider is going to be your best resource for this. They should be able to help you carry out very basic tasks like creating a subdomain.


You asked a question which requires proper DNS setup and under such complicated case your web host is the best place to seek help.

I would agree with @mybloggertricks, since you purchased a domain with, therefore the chances are that they wont allow creation of sub-domain unless you purchase hosting with them.

On SEO terms, it is really not recommended to keep Content and domain names on different servers. It is best to place all site content on a single server. You may better purchase hosting with or transfer your domain name to digitalOcean instead.


Then could you please tell us how you set up the subdomains in Where you hosting these subdomains in hostgator, Is that a shared hosting. please tell me how did you created while the domain hosting on


@Sarfaraj_Alam Muhammad is right .I have purchased a domain from bigrock. and they wont allow creation of sub-domain unless you purchase hosting with them. You should first buy hosting from them .


I bought a domain in domain provider in my country. only domain package (without hosting) and they let me make a subdomain, just go to settings cpanel

you just need to ask your service provider if they support it