Cookie notification for Blogger


Where can i find code for automatic notification about using cookies on blogger? Most of my readers is from Europe and i have obligation to put this information on every new topic of my blog. I apply some code from the net, but it is not visible (at least, i cant see this on

Any link will be ver helpful, thanks.

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Dear brother there is great step by step guide posted by Mohammad on their blog, how to customize the cookie, Will Blogger Show The notice on Custom Domains also?, Is it shown on all Country Specific URLs ccTLD?, How to see the Notice if you are Outside European Union? and there are several other customization he have mentioned, i will suggest you just follow the link below and follow the guide posted in tutorial.

Customize Blogger EU Cookies Notification Bar

Thanks…!! Peace and Blessing…!!! :smile:


thank You for response and link, but i still have problem - i have hidden navbar on my blog, but even from another computers (where i am not registered) i cant see this notification. I put suggested code in right plaec in blog HTML (at least, i think it is right place? ), but notification doesn’t appear.

any suggestions?