Console Error - I can't find where is the problem?


Hi all

I make new template. Remove all js from template but console error still on. I can’t find where is ajax or any js that can be problem.

My template live here

How to fix this console error?

  • sidebar now is hide and navigation button js don’t work because console error.



The console error is prompted when you make a syntax error in your template editor. Can you kindly share a screenshot of the error that you are getting on your template?


Hm, Mohammad i don’t have error in template editor. I make changes and save it without ploblem.

I can show my template if that will help you?

Idea for forum like this is great! Regards


Thank you for the kind feedback :slight_smile:

Kindly share a screenshot so that I could debug the console error and give a better solution


Console error is show when click on navigation button - right corner. Button don’t work because i don’t know why. I have js that need to show sidebar for navigation but instead to show sidebar when vistor click on toggle button console show errors - that don’t have something with navigation js.

What screanshot you want show to you? With my editor code or?

Thanks for fast response.


And one des

And one design bug of your forum on 7" tablet.

Another is in text editor. Hide first 1-2 rows when write.


You must revert to Mobile view when viewing this Forum in Tablets or Phone. I guess you have mistakenly chosen the “Desktop view” from the drop down menu. As a result you are seeing this big white blank space to the right.

I have solved your script error on this post