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Actually, I want to have answer against my problem related to AdSense approval. Approx 17-18 days back, I applied for AdSense but was disapproved. I agree with the fact. After that I worked on my site and try to follow each and every policy of ad sense. Now 2 days before I again submitted my application for AdSense approval. Yesterday When I switched to my AdSense account. I have gone through the step where it is asking to – Link your host acct with your ad sense acct for easy setup. Click “Accept association” to procced. I follow the same. After that I got the message. Congratulations! The AdSense widget has been added to your blog template…Press Continue to customize your AdSense settings. I was happy to see that message but when I click continue it will redirect me to my earnings page of blog.Again I do the same thing. Same process is repeating. My AdSense home says We’re working on setting you up. I am trying to get AdSense approval for my website Nakshatra Wish but AdSense is not responding. Now I don’t have any idea whether AdSense will approve me or again reject me. Please help me.


Can you access your adsense account dashboard directly by logging into if yes then your account is still active and you can create ad units there and paste the code in your theme using the HTML/JavaScript widget.

I normally don’t recommend associating your blogger account with adsense because this way you won’t have full control on how your ad units may work.