Congratulations for Becoming the Best Blogging Community!


You guys did it once again :v:

Just within 5 months “Blogger Help Forum” has left behind all Online forums on blogging and it is now ranked on Top#3 position on Google Search Results page and on Top#2 in Mobile Search.

It is the second most popular forum now after Google Product Forum. In other words it is the most helpful community for Google blogger users and newbie bloggers looking for free help and support with their Template Designs, SEO and SMO queries and monetization help.

It ranks top for these keywords:

  • Blogger Help Forum
  • Blogspot Help Forum
  • Bloggers Help Forum
  • Blogging Help Forum

and God knows how many more LSI kewyords.

Latest Stats

  • Over 13,60 discussions made and emails sent!
  • Over 1300 registered members! -
  • Thousand pageviews straight from Search

All credits goes to its community who kept it alive and continued their unconditional support.

Congratulations everyone. You are helping new comers without a fee or payment, this is indeed a great charity for a humble cause. We will continue treating is as a social welfare project and will keep it free of advertisements and contextual ads. It is your property because you brought it up to this stage. :thumbsup:

May God help us in spreading this online knowledge for free because surely your help means a lot in this world of a profit motivated society where even a pencil costs 10 cents today.

This idea of blogging forum and its software has inspired many webmasters and they are creating similar forums. What gives us happiness is always leading the row as pioneers of an idea Alhamdulillah. Our branding is often manipulated and duplicated but its God who gives you respect and who cherishes you.

Peace and blessings be upon everyone who made it possible. cheers buddies! :innocent:



Its A Great Pleasure For Me That Where I Help And Get Helped By Blogger’s Has Become One Of The Top Blogging Help Forum :smile: Really A Great Pleasure For Me :heart: And For All Who Are Here! May God Bless You Too @Mohammad For Making A Place To Help Others And The Main Thing For Free! :smiley:

Really It Feels A Proud To Be A Member At This Forum :wink: Cheers! :smiley:


Agreed, this is the best place. Ever since I joined this forum, all my problems have been solved thanks to the community here. If it wasn’t for MBT don’t know where I’d be, you guys deserve all the fame seriously. Btw yesterday I noticed the domain was down last night, khairiat? :o


Thank you for being contributing so much to the blog. In coming days I will share some more pleasant surprises with all of you inshAllah :smile:


yes buddy we had a domain verification problem and it was a mistake on my side, I forgot to fix it on time. Apologies for the inconvenience caused. everything is under control now :innocent:

I hope you continue finding it useful and also participate in helping others. Keep spreading knowledge buddies as much as you can :yellow_heart:


@Mohammad, now it is better than that screenshot!


@ShiVANSH have you updated to windows 10? how does it look? WLW and that all.


All things are same except new softwares like Office and cortana is amazing. :blush:


Yay. But now we’re ranked #3 in mobile search.