Comments system (Ribbon Admin Issue)


Hello MBT Forum! I’m new here and pretty much a newbie with HTML, CSS, JS and ect. I still have a long way to go(I know the basics only) and I’m basically having a problem with the comments threaded system that I read from the MBT site. I’ve added the comment system, I gotta say everything works perfectly, comments, comment counters, ribbon admin tag, threaded system and ect! what I don’t seem to understand is, I have two admins in my blog:

  • Me
  • My girlfriend

somehow the Admin ribbon appears just for me in the comments but not for my girlfriend, even though she has admin permissions over the blog itself. Is it normal? or some error from my part? I apologise again for the lack of knowledge and thanks in advance to whoever will help me out!

Have a nice day everybody! :smile:


I tried to do something on my own but still couldn’t come out with a fix so far, is anyone willing to direct me to the right way or help me out somehow? If the following information are vague or not clear, let me know I’ll provide some screenshoots regarding the matter in question. :smiley:


I’m still not able to come with fix yet, is someone available or it can’t be helped?