Comment box iframe not loading unless signed-in


Calling out all Blogger geeks!

A strange problem has recently plagued my Blogger-based site’s commenting module. Comment box iframe (embedded below posts) is not loading unless and until one visits the page already signed in via his/her Google a/c. Without this, loading icon keeps on spinning and nothing happens. Already posted comments are displaying fine though.

Please the following screen grab for reference:

It seems that the issue is template specific. In fact, demo template page(s) put up by the concerned template designers are also exhibiting the same problem. I tried bringing up the issue in front of them…but haven’t yet received any response for their side.

I haven’t touched the commenting code and moreover, everything worked quite fine till few days back. The problem surfaced out of the blue.

Can any Blogger whiz inspect the code and help me in fixing this?

Kindly click on any of the posted items @

Thanks for your efforts!

PS: @Mohammad: Urging your help brother