Coinhive - Is there any Bad Effect on SEO?



Who knows about Coinhive?

A new innovative way to earn money from every single visitor. It can replace ads from sites. I am using it on my site Ultimate Tech for 14 Hrs and I earned 0.00013504 XMR. This is a new site with 500 visitors per day. Coinhive offers a JavaScript miner for the Monero Blockchain that you can embed in your website.

I want to know about it’s bad impacts on website. Such as, in SEO, Ranking, Indexing and so on.

If anyone knows anything then please tell me.

These are two more examples:


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Hi there,

Harman dear I never heard before about the Coinhive, so far I don’t have any comment on this. Wait for the answer of Mohammad.

Thank You


Hi @HarmanSinghHira

I don’t think so. Because SEO is related more to content and design and structure of a website and less to JavaScripts used.

So nope, my best guess is, until Google creates any new algorithm, it won’t affect SEO of your blog.


Hi @HarmanSinghHira I don’t see any relationship between SEO and coin mining. With coinhive, you’re earning money to support your blog. It is absolutely like you inserted a paypal donate button for people to donate money to you.

Since, you posted the question, I’m going to try it! Michael lynch (Github user who created javascript for read time on blog posts) is using it on his website. Just scroll to the bottom and you’ll see a black tab that says “Donate (CPU Power)”

Go to michaelynch[dot]com and scroll to the bottom


Have you check your web speed, before and after you put coinhive’s javascript? Web speed could hurt your SEO.


Avoid all such scripts that may use your visitor’s processing power to mine worthless computer bits. I have written a detailed research divided in two parts, chapter#1 is already published.:

:link: Chapter#1: Bitcoin Is Scam