Choosing The Right Domain For Blog


I want to choose a domain (.com) for my blog? I have searched 4 domains. I want to write on Tech and Blogging. AskHassan.Com BloggingRadar.Com BlogOutClass.Com TechYoast.Com You can also tell your own one.


@HassanTahir Dear,

You can choose perfect domain for your blog when it comes to a particular niche, Since you want to write on both, Tech + blogging. then i would recommend to use your that last one. Either use this one >> allblogginghub



I hope this would be helpful for you.


Well, Why you don’t try .co domains? They are also good for SEO and are younger brothers of .com. Google treat .co and .com as same. Best domains are available on .co. You can try these :smile:



@HassanTahir I suggest you the following:


Hi Ammar, I guess Techblur[dot]com is already taken.


@Rohan you are right dude but you can try techblur[dot]co


Thanks for the suggestions specially @Rohan @Templatezy


Thanks for the mention @HassanTahir (Hassan). I am glad that you found our suggestions helpful. I hope you get a good domain for your blog and do let us know in the Private message or anywhere about which one you chose. (Do not drop link, just share the name) :wink:


@Rohan Okay! i will surely message you. Thanks