Check My Site And Advise And Give Suggestions


I want to know about my blog ngtechzone. it is a blog containing blogger widgets,tips and tech news, So Please Give Suggestions To Me Give Me suggestions Like on-

  1. improvement in design , to add or substract any thing??

2)Posts 3) Is My Site SEO Friendly

  1. My Blog niche

5)And More

it might be a lot to ask, but i will really appreciate if some one can answer and review my site


your blogger template is mobile friendly that is good your writing style is good as a reader i can say your blog is good about seo or other thing i dont know keep going good


Thanks For Giving Feedback and suggestions to me. :smile:


Well, the following things should be corrected

  1. Improve Site Load Speed- You site load speed is too slow.
  2. Post Unique Content- The content you all posted are posted millions of times in other blogs of the world. So you should post unique articles.


Thanks For Giving Feedback and suggestions to me :smile:


Hi @ngtechzone, I am glad that you followed the guidelines and provided us some questions based upon which we can help you out in improving your blog.

1. Blog Niche: I didn’t understood your question well. But I guess and assume that you are asking about your blog niche’s popularity and scope? Your blog seems to be a multi-niche blog having various categories like Games + Blogging + Earning Money online + SEO and many more. You have a good scope if things are done correctly.

2. Posts: Your editing skills can be improved. Your posts are too short not all but many. You need to work on your writing skills and grammar.

3. Improvements in Design: Your social icons are not legal. They are altered. Try using the legal set of social media icons.

4. SEO: No ALT Tags were found. Include ALT tags for all the images. Social Media presence is very low. Social Media is less important in SEO but not completely irrelevant. No proper keywords are used. There are many pages with broken links. Use tools to check your broken links and fix them. Your blog contains a category as “SEO” but it appears that no SEO work was carried for your blog itself. Write on topics which you feel you are expert or proficient in.

5. More suggestions: Your loading speed is really poor, work on it. Remove all unnecessary scripts and codes. We have topics created on “Blogger Help Forum” which will guide you to decrease your loading time. Go explore the topics and posts. I am sure they will help you out.

I hope you take my feedback positively. Let me know if you need any further suggestions or any kind of help.

~ Rohan Chaubey.


I Don’t Understand What You Meant By “Social icons are not legal”


There are some standard social media icons provided by the respective companies like Twitter, facebook, etc. Their guidelines states that the icons should not be altered by any means.

Here is the download link for complete set of legal icons. This resource was available for my blog readers only but since our main aim in the forum is to help each other, hence I am sharing it.

Link To Download:

I hope this helps.

~ Rohan Chaubey.


Thanks For Giving Feedback And Suggestions


Most welcome @ngtechzone. All the best! :slight_smile:


Hello @Rohan ohan now i got the problem of site speed which was caused by wrong google search code but i have replaced it please check my site speed once again and give me suggestions. Thanks


Wow! @ngtechzone, Glad that you were able to spot the reason for the slow loading speed of the site. I checked your blog again and it is better than before. But it still takes around 9 seconds… try to bring it down till 7 or under 7 seconds.


I need more suggestions from different people. Please Give More Suggestions


Try to use Font awesome on social button on ur blog sidebar :blush:


Sorry @ngtechzone, but your all contents are outdated and the blog design is not looking good.