Cheat Sheet for Creating SEO Optimized Post Title and Meta Description


Search engine optimization is so important for bloggers and website owners, but it can be a pretty tricky tactic to master with Google’s copious algorithm updates. What matters, and what doesn’t?

So my question is about the best practice for creating seo optimized post title…!! what’s the most important thing between post title or post description? And also there are any free tool available for creating post Title? Hope for quick reply.

How to increase page views of my new blog?
What is meta description all about? How to get a proper meta description?

There are three things that gives a brief summary of your entire post content to search robots

  1. Post Title - The Title tag
  2. Post Description - Meta Description
  3. Post Permalink - The slug

Title tags and Meta description tags give a helicopter view of what your content is all about.

Take care of the following while writing Post titles

  1. Never write a title greater than 66 characters (including spaces) in length
  • Use this Tool for counting characters in title
  1. Never choose a title which already exists online. This is the biggest mistake almost every second blogger makes. Repeated titles never climb up the SERPs so always be innovative in choosing your title.

  2. Research your keywords using the Adwords Keyword Planner

  3. Always keep in your mind who is your target audience. You must be picky with your title keywords. Choose keywords that are locally searched or globally based on your content. For example see the difference in search stats for keywords mobile phones and smart phones in USA and India

  4. Don’t use Special Characters in Titles like @, #, %, &, *. Never use “&” instead of “and”. & symbol is used as ampersand in programming and robots being sensitive to some reserved variables and keywords, often skip the content that comes after “&”. Google surely is mature in this case compared to other search engines.

  5. Make it eye catching. Remember the “NewsPaper headlines?” They are always eye catching and attracts readers attention at first sight. The First SERP shows only 10 Search results and visitors often click the one that catches their attention most. It is never important to be #1 at Google results Page, what matters more is whether you are able to grab reader’s attention or not. Normally people often click the third and and second link more compared to the first link. All that matters is an eye-catchy title.

Take care of the following while writing Meta Description

  1. Never write a description greater than 145 Characters. Characters ahead of 145 goes garbage and never adds SEO value
  2. Don’t play the keywords game here, just give a precise and most relevant summary of your entire article here.
  3. Use one synonym keyword here.
  4. Use no Keyword tool here but common sense
  5. Remember this is your actual article content for robots and social media!

Hope this guideline has shown you the in-depth side of your normal SEO practices and the importance of these two areas. Kindly ask me any question you may have related to the above topic :innocent:

How to increase page views of my new blog?

mohammad, which link you are talking about?


Just updated that thanks for reminding :slight_smile:


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There is another Special Characters which must not to use in Title is Underscore “_”, it is used for coding in most cases and very big impact when you considered SEO.

Hi @Mohammad, Thanks for brief overview. its really helps us.

You Mentioned Post Permalink - The slug in your 3rd. As i know we can’t change customized Post Permalink in Blogger. Can you please suggest if there is any other way on this to make our own.

I Use a Simples Trick Here. When ever i want to post related to a Product, Just i put only product name & Model and Publish then with in seconds i’ll edit and update with Deal details and Precising or any. so my post link will be simple.


That is true the URL syntax structure can not be altered in blogger which is

But you can surely ptimize the permalink which I refered as the slug, to put your best keywords there. Please read

:link: Correct Way to Optimize Permalinks in Blogger


Here comes the advantage of wordpress over blogger. In terms of permalink is the best. But that type of permalink structure not available in Google always hide that year/month with 3 dots, but even that dots also increase the total permalink length :slight_smile:


you have chosen very great topic it is very informative and knowledgeable i learn alot from this post thank you Every One


I agree with you on that, no doubt in it but I am sure in coming future, Google will add the custom slug syntax option also