Chatroom or social network chatroom or voice chat room for blogspot


i want to add chatroom into blogspot like i can chat with my students or friends is there any possibility to add facebook skype or other social network all get together please let me know if anyone knows thank you in advance or i want voice chat room for blogspot blog people can easily chat and speak with each other and also tell me how to embed into my blog that i can create my own chat room for students i should have authority to ban or kick out from my chat room is there any chatroom

or how to make chatroom like msn old chatroom or group


I hope the following website will help you to do that .

Click Desk : Free website chat integrator , It is free , Your visitors can chat with you live .

If you having any trouble , Please let me know i will help you .


Hi , might provide you with the features you crave for. Well, I’m not sure whether the admin can take decisions based on ban and add.

Anyway, take a look :smile:


thank you so much souravsudhi and muhsin