Changing in h1 h2 tags of template and its effect on seo


Salam friends, as we know in template design h1 tag given to homepage title, h2 given to blog description and h3 given to post title but if we change these tags in this order … H1 tag is post title h2 is homepage title and H3 is blog description then how it will effect seo ? Is it good idea or bad for seo?


@Juni_Shah Dear,

You can do the same you told, and surely this will not effect any SEO, instead it would give you positive result. This is a well known structure for robot, and doing the same will become your site more SEO friendly.

1: Change Post Title to h2 on homepages.

2: Change Post Title to h1 on Post Pages.

3: Display h3 for post description etc (inside post body)

I hope this would clear your doubts.

Let me know, if you need more assistance.


I will agree to what @Templatezy suggested and you can use <h3> tag for sub headlines inside post content.

  1. Use <h2> For Post titles on homepage
  2. Use <h1> For Post titles on Post Pages
  3. Use <h3> For Sub headlines used inside posts


Temp and mohammad bro thanks for help. And any tutorial for this bro? If you know any tutorial how to do these changes properly then share please :blush:


Read this tutorial buddy, it inlcudes all the basic SEO details

Blogger SEO Complete Settings