Changing Email Address Of Blogger Help Forum Account


I want a new feature in this forum that the users should change their email address if their previous email address is blocked or disabled so that they can stay in touch. I discussed this matter with @Mohammad And He replied in such words.

Please Enable this feature in this forum as soon as possible because my email address was being disabled.


@HassanTahir Brother Mohammad Bhai is the Admin of this forum and also the owner so if he is telling no that this is not possible it may mean that Discourse Hasn’t Provided this feature in their software and they might add this in their future update.

And also Unfortunately you cannot apply for one more account as according to the forum’s guidelines 1 Person has only right to open only 1 account for himself/herself.


~Nafees Khan


Tho you don’t have an access to your e-mail account you can still login using username and password to check the notifications once a day or so.


I again got access to my email address via the mobile verification.


Congratulations! @Hassan. :smile:


Glad to know that Hassan. :slight_smile: Make sure you don’t lose access to it.


@Rohan And @Shivansh Thanks To All Both Of You.


I Am Glad That You Found It Again! But This Time Keep It Safe! :sunny: