Changed my blog's niche to technology, require advice


After stalking the net and also checking out MBT’s seo guides, I realized I made a big mistake by not focusing on one topic. No wonder I didn’t gain much organic traffic. I used to post top 10, top 5 lists with tutorials and movie reviews. Anyways I finally decided to change my blog’s niche to technology Where I will be posting about: Android, Internet, Technology News & Reviews about technology etc

Is this a good niche and great for SEO? Also please check out my blog and decide whether it’s template & domain name is fit for a technology blog or not Blog:


The main problem of today’s Bloggers is- they think SEO is a magic. No! SEO is not a magic. You should choose the topic in which you are good and have confidence that you can write better in the topic.

SEO is nothing except a thing which shows your site on Google. Write good content and you don’t need much optimization, seriously.

So you ever seen answer sites? I have. They write 4-5 lines in each page and get the first place in Google. Why? Because their content in good.

Niche never matters but the way you make your blog, the way you write matters.

And your this question:

Any domain is best. See these sites- shoutmeloud, labnol, digital inspiration, ctqrl (search them using Google). Before creation of these sites/blogs, their name was nothing. Labnol never came into anyone’s tongue before it was created. But, the content and author created the name. So, you can choose any domain you want because Content is King.


Perfectly spoken Shivansh! :clap: Really good I think this small para will help many. I will for sure share this post on this topic on my blog in future.

Very good!


Well said brother, i don’t know what I would do without you seriously. Your presence here on this forums is a gift :smiley: