Change permalink in older posts


So I was reading the permalink explanation on blogger, I understand he importance of using this option, my doubt is if I should go to older posts and add permalink o them.

And if I change a post link this way the older link will not work?

example: the actual link is: /2009/04/tutorial-para-criar-uma-conta-pessoal.html the permalink would look like: /2009/04/tutorial-conta-payza.html

the first link will stop redirecting to the post?



@Dav7 as shown, your 1st link will not redirect automatically to 2nd link. after changing url, your old link will be broken link(Not Found Page).

but u can redirect your old to new link by using redirect option.

Thank You


so I just have to be careful and redirect old links to the new edited ones?

That’s it?


Yes, Redirect your old link to new link manually. by redirect option


Ok, so I was trying to change a post link from 2009 but nothing happens!

The old link was

And tried to change to

but the new link is not working :\


Blogger Dashboard >> Search preferences >> Errors and redirections >> Custom Redirects

Add one by one in the Custom Redirects not in the Enclouser link


First let me thank you for your continuous support :slightly_smiling:

I already did that but the link is not working and going to the ERROR 404.

You can test the new link here