Can't add 'Next - Previous Navigation' to my blog


I can’t add to my website Please help


Do again properly, you will get it. Or if you failed again in installation then let me know…i will do it for you. thanks.


Sorry but ca’t do it. Did all things.


@sourabhgaur you must explain in detail what you did and where exactly are you troubleshooting yourself. Share the page or blog URL where you are trying to add this widget.

Note: Always be descriptive while posting your questions , questions like

“I need help because I could not do this”

never makes sense and we often put these questions to spam. Therefore kindly edit your question content and tell us everything so that we may help you better


Yes, Mohammad is right. Just tell me what you do. If you have still problem with that, tell your blog url.


My be it is working fine now as i seen.