Can you tell me which bank you use for Adsense Payments via EFT


Dear @mohammad I just wanted to know a best bank for getting my payments direct in my account.

Because here in my Area western union agents are very out-minded persons.

Hope! You will answer my question :smile:


I would appreciate that you stick to western Union umer because the bak wire process is too lengthy and time consuming. They also issue cheques via Citibank but that takes almost a month for the amount to get processed and deposited on your account

Btw I found standard chartered bank the best bank for quick online transactions and with fast customer response

Do have patience while dealing Western Union local agents when they ask you for original NIC, else their service is the fastest one ! :blush:


Sorry but I want to use a bank for this.

Can you tell me where I can receive my payments ?

I have an account at UB (with a IBAN).

Is there a need of having a foreign currency account or we can use basic account?

Waiting for your reply :smile: