Can we use zergnet ads with adsense?


zergnet is a site we can use it for generating good traffic. Many huge blogs are using it.

I just discovered it and whiling to know about use of zergnet, taboola like sites. If any member have a suggestion, than please reply me.

My question is: Can I use it my blogs ? or any newbie can use it alongside Google adsense ?

Any chances of banning of adsense account ??? @Mohammad :innocent:


You can use taboola. it is safe with Google Adsense.


I am asking for zergnet ???


Before asking this question, Do you research on zergnet?, there are many website using that site to get traffic, also many of running fine with AdSense.

But, you should focus on organic traffic, most of times direct traffic is low quality of traffic. And advertiser did not get much profit from it. So if many of advertiser (Assuming you are getting thousand of direct traffic) does not satisfy with your site, then may be your account will be shutdown.

There are many of people only using social media traffic, they are working fine with adsense, but some of people using social media traffic by displaying sexual content, and it is not good for adsense. So it is depend on quality of traffic.