Can we use wordpress readmore scripts in blogger?


As we all know , wordpress templates are well designed and much more user friendly.The read more scripts are much more advanced so i was wondering if it can we used in blogger. And if it is , how do we use it ?

I want this because it includes scripts that shows videos , tweets etc in the read more page.Hope you guys help

Thanks :smiley: Love , Your Pc


We Have another Topic on the same Query, Here is the script

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No @chinnilax , thanks for your fast reply , but this is not i was asking for.By readmore i meant the automatic read more script we use on the homepage or other pages.


Hi Sorry @Tanmay_Kapse,

I fail to interpret or understand (something) correctly., Here is the right Path;


Thankyou so much for ur efforts to help , however i want the advanced version of it which shows videos and tweets instead of the image :blush: @chinnilax


I think you can because I have seen this read more script in many blogger templates.


Yes , but i want that script and how it can be implemented in the template ! I hope someone comes with a answer