Can we use adsense on a blog with no posts!


Received from the contact form of my blog

Myblo is 2 year old and already adsense approved if i delet all the post on blog and start again posting will my adsense get banned?

This is the question I got from my contact form now I am not an adsense user as well as I couldn’t find any solution on google so can anyone help out this guys :sweat_smile:


I’ve never used AdSense before. But how will they get approval without any posts?


I Don’t Think So Adsense will re-approve the blog without any posts. Think of Billions Of Blog Which Have No Posts Do They Get Approved? And If Anyway They Get approve will they be able to earn a single penny? But Other Sites Like Tools sites, social sites,etc which get good traffic will surely get approved.

Hope You Understand Now :smile:


but it was previosuly approved with lot of articles! and ads are still on but he wants to start again by deleting that previous posts


Hmm. Now It Is A Difficult One As I Don’t Know That Adsense Will Check The Approved Blog’s And Will Reject Them If Found No Posts. So i think that the blog will get approved until there is zero traffic On the blog :smile:


Sorry mai Galat Jugha pa comment kara hon Laken Mujha Is ka Koi Topic mil Nahi Raha Tha Sir Mujha Bus Yah Pochna Ha Ka mai adsense ka sath link shorter site ( For Ex: , etc ) use karsakta hon


Yes! You can use any ad network unless its not spam/adult or abusive/offensive in any manner.


Bro, it’s depend on traffic. if there are huge traffic, no content and getting more clicks (above 10), then surely you will get banned.

In your condition, I like to suggest to you at least make one blog post, about welcome or hello world or anything like you. It is content, and it will help to save your adsense account, in case some one report your blog about adsense violation :slight_smile:

Well many years ago, I have posted one question about this in Bloger help Forum, Why Adsense ads not appear in this blog page?

So I got reply and they was said, because there are no any content to display adsense ads. And you have posted all the links (Since I am displaying only post links in labels), not a content. So Link is not considered as content. And that’s why Google AdSense ads not appear on those pages.